All SHADOWS purchases include free shipping within the US. But here is what you should know so our expectations are aligned.

4 days is the shortest time the package will take to reach you from the time it’s sent out for delivery. The 4-days do not begin from the moment you confirm your order

The longest it should take will be 7 business days (which excludes weekends or public holidays). There are cases where it will not reach you in 7 days, such as cases of weather conditions, natural disasters, service disruptions, etc.

Due to the current pandemic, you can expect this to be longer, but rest assured that your order is being processed.

In case the package does not reach you in 7 business days, please check the tracking code provided, as it will give you an updates on the package. If it does not seem like the package is held up by irregular circumstances, then reach out to us at and we’ll try to sort it out for you.

We usually recommend waiting an additional day or two before reaching out, as sometimes the package will get delivered by then.