Used to store tea leaves, coffee beans, or just about anything you need to keep dry.

SHADOWS canisters are made by a Japanese company that has been making them for over 110 years. Each canister is handmade by honed hands of a Japanese craftsman, perfecting the craft of creating these canister for over 60 years. Tin pieces are pieced together with such precision that an airtight seal is formed, which can keep the contents fresh for a long time.

The design has been reduced down to ultimate simplest form. It’s presented in matte black so as to be part of your surroundings, instead of drawing attention to it. It’s a special item that can be enjoyed every day.

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As the first-ever SHADOWS product, the Canister is a symbol of a new beginning.

We found a 110-year-old company in Japan that would make these canisters for us. The process involves a master craftsman, with over 60 years of experience, cutting the tin, by hand, to a precision of up to 0.1mm. Glue is applied and the parts are bonded together using specialized, custom tools. Each step requires experience, skill, and mastery that is impossible for most.

Unlike the shiny tea caddies on the market, we wanted something that would reflect our appreciation of ancient Japanese aesthetics. This product would contrast with the fast, plastic, disposable aesthetic of what are used to in this age.

The canister has been painted in matte black to achieve an anti-aesthetic that’s both neutral and restrained. While we do not dislike everything that shines, we do prefer a pensive lust to a shallow brilliance. The canister is made to fulfill its purpose, and as a tool, is neither a decorative object nor a work of art. Therefore, it is designed to draw as little attention as possible.

SHADOWS canisters are often used to store tea leaves or coffee beans. But you can store almost anything you want to keep dry, like seeds, pills, spices, uncooked macaroni, accessories, or just about anything you can think of. These canisters have an airtight seal, that a previous user of such canister found a cracker in one 9 years after it was put in, and it was still crispy.

These canisters are produced in limited quantities, and there is no guarantee that they can be restocked due to the method of production.

Things to Note

  • These canisters use the maximum thickness of tin (0.23mm) that can be bend by human hands, so they might seem thinner than machine-made ones.
  • Due to the handmade nature of this product, slight imperfections are to be expected.
  • If something is our fault, we’ll gladly repair or replace the product. But because of the method of production, we do not accept returns for personal reasons. Please refer to our return policy for more information.

Usage Instructions

  • Please be careful not to get cut when handling the edge of the open canister.
  • When opening the lid, hold the top of the lid and pull it upwards to avoid any deformation of the lid.
  • If you have difficulty opening or closing the canisters at first because of the airtight seal, try to open and close diagonally (twist and pull at the same time).

Care Instructions

  • Do not wash the canister with water or rust might develop. To clean, use a damp cloth and leave it open to dry after.
  • When opening the canister, please be careful not to use your nails or the coating might come off.
  • Handle the canister with care as the paint might peel off or the can might dent if you drop it on a hard surface.
  • If you put a sticker on it, the paint might peel off when you peel the sticker off.


Additional information


5.76 by 3.07 inches / 136 mm by 76 mm (height by diameter)


3.07 oz / 225g


7 oz / 200g


100% Tin